SteckChecker will make your daily life simpler and more comfortable.

SteckerChecker is the smart home-automation app which allows you to operate remote controlled outlets, dimmers and many other wireless devices using 433 MHz technology, easily and comfortably.

Stecker Checker already supports numerous 433 MHz remote controlled outlets with remotes from many manufacturers and brands which are sold by hardware stores, discounter storess and in online trading. More brands are continuously integrated. All you need in addition to the App is a compatible LAN-Gateway.

With the new SteckerChecker app you can comfortably control your devices using remote controlled outlets via your iPhone or Android Smartphone.

  • Completely shut off your devices via remote control, instead of just using standby!
  • Hide the foot switch from your floor lamp behind the curtains!
  • Turn off your remote controlled sockets with any iPhone or Android Smartphone in your household.
  • Banish your old remote controls from your apartment!
  • Continue using your old remote controlled outlets! SteckerChecker supports numerous well-known manufacturers of 433MHz equipment!
  • SteckerChecker updates automatically provide new features for the app.

Are you interested or do you have further questions?

Much more information coming soon to your new SteckerChecker website!

Are you a manufacturer/distributor of 433 MHz equipment and are you interested in controlling your components/adapters with a smartphone app? You have come to the right place:

You can find more information about the features and start-up instructions here.